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27thJanuary 2017


Dear Rev. Fr. / Sr. / H.M./ H.Tr.,

Subject: New schedule for Admissions (age criteria)

I am sending you the age criteria for admission to Nursery & K.G. based on the new G.R. issued by the Government of Maharashtra dated 25th January 2017. This G.R. enlarges the group by two months.

The minimum age of a child for entry into Std. I as on 30th September will be as follows:

Academic Year Minimum Age
2017 – 18 5 years & 4 months
2018 – 19 5 years & 8 months
2019 – 20 onwards 6 years


Accordingly, admission for Jr. K.G. in the academic year 2017-18 will be for those born before 1st October 2013.

(these children will be 6 years on 30th September 2019 for Std I)

If you have a Nursery the age group for the academic year 2017-18 will be those born before 1st October 2014.

(these children will be 6 years old on 30th September 2020 for Std I)

Do make sure that children who were ‘below age’ according to your schedule last year will not be ‘overage’ this year.

Those schools which have completed the admission process are under no obligation to consider these additional candidates, since it may not be possible to increase the seats now  and the children who are already admitted cannot be denied admission.

According to the data received, last year 35 schools used the online admission process and this year an additional 15 have decided to do the same. You might want to review your admission procedure in lieu of the advantages of using the online process.


With kind regards,

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Fr. George Athaide

Secretary, Archdiocesan Board of Education, Mumbai

GR – New Admission age